M2Epos provides comprehensive e-commerce website development services, that are custom designed and built to your requirements. Increasing your company's online exposure by combining an online shop with a brochure-style website.

An e-commerce website can transform your business and contribute to its growth in a dramatic way, by targeting a greater audience through an online presence to help you maximise your online business. With the right online marketing strategy you can target tens of thousands of potential clients. Giving you immediate ability to see your products 24hrs of the day.



As well as designing a bespoke website, which is tailored specifically to your business and your branding. You will be creating an online presence, allowing returning customers easy accessibility and attracting new customers, to your business and products. Your e-commerce site will come with a complete set of features which have been developed in-house by our developers, making it as simple as possible for you to trade online and keep your website and products on a regular basis.

Allows you to view your customer's orders by Order ID, date the order was placed and the name and address of the customer, as well as other unique form fields. The system also allows you to filter your orders within selected set dates, and by order status, so you can keep a track of all your customer's orders and group select ones which are in the the same process stage. As well as being able to search for a particular order and add additional filters if necessary.

Keep customers updated with their order status by sending them email notifications. Select from one of the three pre-written templates: order confirmation, billing details or shipping notification, these templates can be edited to best suit your business or simply write your own.

Generate instant stock reports on all your item categories, or filter by selected ones. The reports feature will allow you to view your complete stock list, including information about the retail price and quantity of stock. Alternatively, you can view your top selling products at the simple click of a button, this will automatically calculate the exact quantity that has been sold, as well as the total revenue generated from each product. Never run out of stock again! - The low stock report feature, will filter all products that are low in stock, and allow you to re-order from your suppliers on the same page.

Manage your stock items, and the way in which they are viewed and placed on the website. The stock management feature allows you to overview all of your product categories at once, and whether they are active on the live site. As well as being able to edit existing products, including the price, quantity and description. Adding new products or categories to your e-commerce system has been made extremely easy, with simple to understand icons, and straight forward fields to fill in. You also have the option to tailor the information that is presented to you on your 'add product' form, to make it even quicker for you to add similar types of products to your site.

Encourage new customers and existing customers to shop with your company by providing a promotional offer or voucher code for a limited period of time. Offers such as '10% off all leather handbags' or 'buy two shirts and get the third free' will encourage previous shoppers and new shoppers to purchase with your company.

With our content management system feature, you are given the flexibility to update and manage your site whenever you want. This feature has been designed so that you do not need to be particularly 'tech savvy' to understand how to use it. It allows you to keep your website updated with new offers, banners and images by either uploading a new image that you have taken or by specifying a link to where the image is.

Allow multiple users to manage and maintain your site by adding them as new users with their own username and password. You can also keep a track of when your users have been added and when they last logged in.