What is an EPOS System? EPOS stands for 'electronic point of sale'. It is a customised piece of software, that runs on computers which are usually touch screen.

It allows you to perform all tasks of a store checkout counter and more. EPOS systems usually come with a set of admin tools allowing you to review and manage past orders and stock levels. It helps you keep on top of your profits by the day, and allows you to review the efficency of your service. With the built in software tools, you will be able to track things such as margin analysis, stock control and staff performance from a single site right through to
multi-site level.


EPOS Features

As well as providing businesses with an EPOS system, that allows them to take orders electronically, and designing a unique online ordering website, which is integrated into the EPOS system. Providing businesses a more convenient, faster and easier service for their customers, there are also many other aspects that the EPOS software features, improving the quality and management of their business.
 Our touch screen monitors allow you to take orders electronically at the touch of a button. Increasing the speed and accuracy of each order. It is simple and easy, and no previous experience is required as full on-site training is provided.
 See where your customers are ordering from. Using a customer map feature, you can see where all your customers live, with a virtual map generated by the software. Allowing you to target areas with marketing to bring in more orders.
 Send offers directly to customers through SMS text message at the click of a button. The advertising software feature has been proven to work well with loyal customers as well as helping to
re-prompt old customers.
 The Credit card facility system allows you to take credit transactions online or on the telephone. All major credit and debit cards are accepted, such as MasterCard and Visa Debit.
 When a customer places an order, all you have to do is take the customers postcode and the system will automatically pull up the delivery address without any spelling mistakes. This will increase efficiency, as well as giving your business a professional look.
 Calculate the total turnover on a daily basis and see a summary of the items sold. As well as being able to view a list of new customers, and details of phone and online orders.
 The caller ID displays a returning customer's details such as name, address and telephone number. The information is retrieved from a secure database and it means you don't have to ask the customer for their address every time they call.
 Your orders will be printed electronically using a thermal printer. The printers are extremely cost effective, as they do not use any ink and the paper is cheap to buy. It can also contain any special offers or unique greetings that you wish to put on at no extra cost.
 We will design and create a website specifically for your business. This will allow customers to view your products online, and be able to place orders. New customers will also be able to find your business easily through search engines such as Google.
 The secure database system provided by M2Epos, allows you to keep all of your customers details, including phone numbers, address and order history. This will help increase the speed of your orders, but also allowing you to take advantage of the SMS and email advertising.